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Quinoa Tabouli Bowl

So it's Friday before my work weekend, which gives me all sorts of anxiety because I'll be gone away from the fam all weekend, missing important parties (like my fav little guys 1st birthday) but work is work and we've all got to do it sometimes.

The only reason I love my work weekends, ok so I have two reasons but the first is that I food prep like a boss, and my nutrition is always 100% on track on my work weekends, I bring my food..I eat it..and thats that, no cheating!!  At home I find I'm much more distracted and may sneak something bad or order out.  But at work, my coworkers know my health and nutrition goals and if I decide to eat something unhealthy I'm sure to get a "oh my gosh you never eat that stuff" and I usually put it down.

So today I took about an hour and a half and prepped like a maniac.  I got for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday every single bite of food from sun up to sun down prepared, packaged bagged and ready to go.  So when I wake up…

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