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Italian Chicken Foil Packet with Herbed Fresh Tomato Sauce

Theres so many things I love about summer.  I could go on and on, most of you know camping is right up there #1.  It’s my escape, my slice of heaven, my happy place.  
But if I go on to list the things I love about camping, one of the top things that come to mind are shared meals with a good friend who enjoys the same things I do.  Wine, laughs, healthy food, and fitness.  
Our days consist of sitting around (ok screaming at kids, chasing them, and cleaning up after them) and discussing what our creative healthy dinner will be that night.  Tonight…OH MAN!!!!
My friends Mother In Law knows how much I love garden fresh tomatoes so last week she gave her a whole bag to give to me!!  I couldn’t be happier about this gift, because there is NOTHING like a garden fresh tomato.
I hate seeing them go to waste, like HATE and Steve doesn’t like tomatoes like at all.  So I was trying to think of what I could do with a whole bunch of these suckers so they wouldn’t go to waste, and man let’s just s…

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